Got questions? We've got answers below!

  • Do you offer piercing services?

    We do not. If you are looking for piercings in the Portage / Kalamazoo area then we recommend Art and Soul on South Westnedge Ave in Portage. This also means that we do not carry jewelry and cannot help you put your jewelry in.

  • What is your shop’s pricing information?

    Shop Minimum

    Our shop minimum is $100. This price is established to ensure that our supply costs are covered and the artist doing the tattoo is making money for the time of doing the tattoo and setting up. We will not tattoo for less than the shop minimum. Please do not ask.

    Hourly Rates
    • Nicholas Rivera - $150/hr
    • Cody Lonsway - $150/hr
    • Dylan Brizendine - $150/hr
    • Nickole Cameron - $100/hr

    Please note that hourly rate is not necessarily an indicator of quality. Nickole’s rate is lower because she is trying to focus on doing the best quality she can for having less time in as a tattooer. So larger pieces take a bit longer, thus the lower price.

    We try to be as fair as we can with this. Breaks and interruptions are not charged for and we do our best to charge for the amount of work we have actually done. Single sessions are typically priced by the piece rather than by our hourly rate.

  • Do you accept walk-ins or do I need an appointment?

    We are always willing to accept walk-ins when we have available time but an appointment is usually the better approach, especially for larger work.

    We post a weekly update on our Facebook page of any available time we have as well as last minute cancellations. You can also call the shop at (269) 978-7799 to inquire about any availability for that day.

    Please note that weekend walk-ins are often harder to accommodate, since this is our busiest time during the week.

  • I want to schedule an appointment, what do I do next?

    If you don’t know which artist you want to work with, please take a look at their portfolios to get a better idea of the work we each do. If you have no preference, that is also fine!

    You can contact us via the contact form and we will get back to you in order to schedule a consultation appointment. Please fill out the form as completely as possible since this will give us the best idea of what you are looking for.

    There is no charge for consultations but they are a very important part of the process. This gives us time to discuss your tattoo, placement, details, budget, etc. Not all tattoos need an extensive consult, but they are essential for large projects.

    Here is a list of what you should bring to your consultation!

    Once everything is worked out, we will take a non-refundable deposit that will go towards the cost of the tattoo and book your first appointment. If it is a large scale project, we may book your first few appointments to ensure you have guaranteed time in the books.

  • Do you require deposits for appointments?

    Daybreak Tattoo requires a non-refundable deposit for all appointments. Your deposit goes towards the price of your tattoo and, on larger multi-session work, is applied to the last session.

    Typically, your deposit amount will scale according to the size of the project you are booking:

    • Minimum deposit - $100
    • Large, single session work - $100-$250
    • Multi-session work - $250-500

    We take deposits because, honestly, we want to make sure that our appointments show up! We have all had instances where we scheduled a large tattoo, invested hours of drawing and prep, only to have them not show up. Then the artist is out both the money they would have made that day AND the time they spent drawing for that appointment. By taking a deposit, we are covered in that we can expect you to show up for your appointment and YOU are covered since you have invested in making sure your tattoo happens as well!

    Losing your deposit

    Our goal is not to get paid for doing nothing however there are a few circumstances where you can lose your deposit. If your deposit is forfeited, you will be required to put down a second, larger deposit to secure future work. If you no-show or reschedule excessively, you may be declined for future work at Daybreak Tattoo. Respect us and our time an we will respect you and yours!

    The following may result in a lost deposit:

    • No-Call / no-show
    • Cancelling / rescheduling with less than 48 hour notice.
    • Failure to confirm your appointment via reminder system and we cannot reach you.
    • Major changes to design without prior notification.
    • Being significantly late to your appointment.
    Appointment Reminders

    All appointments are sent a text message reminder 7 days before their appointment and the day before. You are asked to respond to confirm your appointment. If you do not, we will give you a call but if we cannot get in touch with you, your appointment will be cancelled and your deposit lost.

    Please note: we understand that emergencies happen and will do our best to work with you in the case of one.

  • What is your touch-up policy?

    Sometimes a tattoo needs a little more attention. Sometimes things heal rougher than we’d like. That is why we offer a free touch-up session within one year of finishing the tattoo on the majority of our work!

    This is to address anything that didn’t heal well or any additional buttoning up your tattoo may require. This does not include changes or additions to the tattoo. Additionally, cover-up tattoos may require a second session to fully cover the old tattoo. This is normal and considered part of the actual work and not a touch-up.

    Examples of things included in a touch-up:

    • Fixing areas that healed rough
    • Addressing any color or line fall-out
    • Dialing up details that healed soft.

    Examples of things NOT included:

    • Major color changes - “I am thinking I would rather have this flower be purple instead of pink”
    • Adding additional parts to the tattoo - “Could you add a few more leaves,” “Can add background to this tattoo.”
    • Additional passes required for a cover-up

    All touch-ups are done ONLY by the artist that did the original tattoo.

    We understand that sometimes life happens and you aren’t able to make in within the one year deadline so, at our discretion, we may still be willing to do a touch-up on your tattoo. Please get in touch and we will go from there. The covers out-of-towners, military, etc. If you come in 3 years later and you’ve been living in the sun, then no, your touch-up isn’t included! 😊


    Hand / finger / high wear areas receive one free touch-up. Any touch-ups required beyond that are at the discretion of the artist.

  • What should I do to prepare before a tattoo session?

    A tattoo is a stressful thing for your body so a little preparation will go a long way in ensuring a positive experience! We tell clients to treat your tattoo like you are running a 10k that day so:

    • Be well rested. Getting tattooed while sleep deprived hurts more and increases the chances of a poor heal.
    • Be well hydrated. We really underestimate how much being hydrated can help us!
    • Eat something before coming in and bring a snack. Drops in blood sugar can increase chances of passing out. Have a real meal, but do not overeat.
    • Do not drink alcohol the night before. Drinking interferes with sleep and also thins the blood.
    • Wear comfortable clothing that you aren’t afraid of getting ruined. Ink sometimes gets places it shouldn’t!
    • Bring something to distract yourself. A book, a tablet, etc. If you are planning on watching a movie or listening to music BRING HEADPHONES!

  • Do you tattoo minors?

    At this time, we are not tattooing minors.

  • Can I bring my child with me when I get tattooed?

    Please, do NOT bring small children to your tattoo appointment ESPECIALLY if you are coming by yourself.

    We understand it is often difficult to find child care but a tattoo shop is no place for infants, toddlers, or young children. They are not wired for sitting long amounts of time (like anything beyond a few minutes), like to get into things, and generally require much more observation than you can give while getting tattooed.

    For us to do the best job we can on our tattoos, we need to be able to focus on our work. That is much more difficult when a child is having a meltdown in the shop. Even if you have someone to watch your kid in the shop while getting tattooed, it is often a distraction and not helpful to the artists.

    Additionally, a tattoo shop is an ADULT environment. That should be relatively common sense. Unless you want your kids learning a few new words, keep them at home! :)

    There is obviously a big difference between a 2 year old and a 10 year old. I try not to have a strict “No one under 16” rule because sometimes it is nice for an older child to be part of the experience. Keep in mind our shop is small and only one guest is allowed in the booth at a time.

  • Can I bring my friends with me?

    Our preference is that you come to your appointment alone. In our experience, especially with longer sessions, the whole session goes a little smoother when you come to your appointment by yourself. Watching someone else get tattooed gets pretty boring pretty quick and then it often falls to the client or artist to entertain additional guests. This can distract from the work and lead to less work getting done. Additionally, most people tend to have an easier time getting through long sessions when they come alone.

    At this time, we are not allowing additional guests due to the still-present risk of COVID.

  • I want to book a large project, what should I expect?

    For large, multiple session projects, appointments will be booked out every 2-8 weeks in 4-8 hour sessions until completion. If you cannot commit to that schedule until completion, then we ask you to wait until you can before booking.

    With large projects taking anywhere from 10 to 20 hours of drawing time, we just can’t commit to that much time preparing for a project to not finish it. Every project we book pushes the next large project back further, so it isn’t fair to our other clients as well.