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We get it! You've been looking at our tasty tattoos and you are ready to make this happen! We feel the same way and can't wait to bring your idea to life! Before you get started, please review the info on this page and our FAQ page. They are called "frequently asked questions" for a reason!

What happens after I hit send?

A Daybreak operative will review your message and get back to you as soon as they are able. Due to the large volume of messages we get, it may be 48-72 hours before we are able to get back to you. Multiple messages will not result in a faster response.

In most cases, the next step will be a consultation with the artist you have chosen and you will both be able to discuss your ideas. There you can talk about design, placement, budget, answer any questions you may have, we can collect a deposit, take any tracings, and get your first appointment booked!

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