Consultation Checklist!

Here is a quick list of what to bring to your consultation!

  • A General Tattoo Idea
  • Be Ready to Commit
  • Reference Images
  • Appropriate Clothing
  • An Open Mind
  • An Idea of your Budget
  • Money for Your Deposit

How to be prepared for your consultation!

The journey to a great tattoo is equal parts the clients inital idea, the artists interpretation of that idea, and the freedom to let that concept come to life. A consultation is the first step on that journey.

Here is a primer on what you should bring with you to your consultation so that we can be best prepared for your tattoo appointment!

Come in with a general idea

Well this sounds silly, doesn't it? Surprisingly, people do occasionally come into a consultation with no idea outside of "here is some skin, fill it." Sometimes this is fine when you are booking specifically with an artist to collect something within their personal style and can be a fun way to get something original!

We can run pretty far down the street with a very basic idea. I've personally designed an entire sleeve based on a single sentence but this requires a lot of trust and a preference for an artist's style of work.

If you know that you are very specific about what you want, but don't know what you want yet, it is often better to wait until you have a starting point for us before you book your consultation.

Be ready to commit to booking an appointment.

The goal of a consultation is to give you a chance to sit down with an artist, discuss your idea and the details of your tattoo, and, if all goes well, book your tattoo appointment! If you know for sure that you are not able to commit to a tattoo appointment, please wait until you are before booking a consultation.

Bring reference images.

When you bring reference images in, it gives you a tool to better communicate your idea. We understand that not everyone is artistic so sometimes the dialog between the client and the artist can be difficult, as if they are speaking different languages! When you bring in visual reference, it gives us a way to understand your idea.

Your references can be any of the following:

  • Artwork, photos, or tattoos that are similar to what you are looking for.
  • Examples of the style of work that you enjoy.
  • Examples of work that you dislike. Sometimes knowing what you aren't looking for can be just as helpful!

Please note: Reference images are for inspiration purposes only. We will not reproduce anyone else's tattoo! This is disrespectful to both the original artist and the person who wears the original tattoo.

Wear appropriate clothing that makes the tattoo area accessible.

This is pretty easy! We often need to get a tracing or photo of the area we will be tattooing so wear clothing that makes it easy for this. Don't worry, we can accommodate any needs for privacy during this process!

Come with an open mind concerning your idea.

It is no exaggeration to say that some of the best work in our portfolios is often very different from the original idea! The creative process can be a fickle one.

Many times, a potential client will bring in many different ideas that they hope can be represented in a single tattoo. We often have to simplify down into a singular focus in order to produce the best work. Even an entire sleeve, considered one of the largest projects you can start, really only allows us to focus on a very small handful of ideas.

Sometimes, to fully capture the intention of a tattoo, we have to consider ideas very far outside the intial concept. When there is no flexibility, it hampers our ability to produce our best work. Obviously, this is much more relevant to larger projects.

Give some thought to your budget.

The bottom line of every tattoo is that tattoos cost money and big tattoos can cost a lot of money. Giving some consideration to the amount that you are willing to spend to get your tattoo helps us determine the amount of work we can accomplish and possible changes to your idea to best fit your budget. Not every budget will work for every project but our goal is to give you the most tattoo that we can for what you can afford. We will do our best to educate and help each person have a realistic idea of potential pricing.

Be ready to put down a deposit to book your appointment!

All appointments require a non-refundable deposit. If the consultation has gone well and you are ready to book your appointment, then a deposit will be required at this time. Depending on the size of the tattoo, the deposit will be $50-$500 and can be paid in cash or card. If you are not currently able to put down a deposit, we respectfully ask that you reschedule your consult for when you are able to.